Booklets and brochures

A booklet or a brochure is a good way of advertising and presenting information.

Both brochure and booklet are available in standard coated paper and non-standard design paper.

If you do not have a print-ready file yet, we offer our knowledge and service to create a fresh layout design from scratch.

 For executing you booklet or brochure project we offer two types of printing - digital and offset printing. Digital printing is suitable for small quantities and fast production. Offset printing is a complex full color printing method for very detailed work. On contrary to digital printing, offset printing is better to choose when you are planning lage print runs, also the price per unit will be much more lower.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find the best design and execution choices for your project.


Brochure is a folded material with one or more folds. Different shapes and sizes are possible - A5 folds in two or three parts, A4 folds in two to four parts, A3 folds in two to four parts. Printed one-sided or two-sided.


Booklets come in many shapes and sizes but are generally smaller than books with approximately 4 to 36 pages (the number of pages should be dividable by 4), with soft covers and simple saddle-stitched binding. A typical booklet style is a stack of 2 or more sheets, folded in half. Usually booklet contains more information and is more voluminous than a brochure.

 We offer stapled saddle-stiched binding, spiral binding (can contain larger amount of pages than saddle-stitched booklets) or a little bit unusual - riveted binding.