Stickers are printed on self-adhesive paper or adhesive film. The choice between the two depends on the purpose of sticker. Film stickers are waterproof and more durable, also there are transparent films available for transparent stickers.

Stickers are available in all sizes and shapes - square, round, oval or irregular shapes - as you wish.

It is possible to print stickers in offset printing, digital printing and large-scale printing techniques. We produce stickers in sheets, rolls and one by one.

Each project is considered individually to determine the right producing technique and materials, depending on where and how the stickers will be used. There is a wide range of types of stickers that are possible, e.g.

-      stickers - labels for your product; on packaging, on plastic or glass bottles etc.

-      children stickers or decorative stickers;

-      stickers for the industrial park;

-      stickers for shop windows;

-      light box stickers;

-      stickers for promotional stands;

-      different forms - regular and irregular form stickers;

-      various durability - regular or extra permanent stickers for extreme conditions,

-      cut-outs from monochrome or multicoloured adhesive films, etc….

the variations are unlimited.