Business cards

A business card is the “face" of your business. We offer standard and non-standard business cards.

Standard business card

Standard business cards are printed on 350 g / m2 white paper. Printing is possible on one or both sides. We offer two types of printing - digital and offset printing. Digital printing is more suitable for smaller print runs and short term production. Offset printing is a complex full color printing method for very detailed work. On contrary to digital printing, offset printing is better choice when you have larger print runs. Also the prince per unit will be much more lower. We also offer gloss or matt lamination for offset printed business cards.

Non-standard business card

Business cards can also be different: folded, with embossed, foil elements, both in interesting shapes and on specially selected paper. We print in digital, offset and silk screen printing.

We'll find the most suitable printing and finishing for your idea.

Don't hesitate to contact us to find the best design and execution choices for your perfect business card.